by La Bella

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released June 1, 2012

Recorded by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden in Palo Alto, California.

Mixed and Mastered by Alex Estrada at the Earth Capitol in Los Angeles, California.




La Bella Los Angeles, California

los angeles d.i.y. four of us.

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Track Name: Brukman Factory
Disappear Me, disappear yourself.
Wasted Time, abortive product,
slaved to wage and killed creativity.

Form the clots in the flow of capital,
and dance on the graves of states.

These wasted years, won't let us stop,
until we have what we need and desire most.

We're still mesmerized by a "deadly rhythm",
break the spell, usurp the impossible.

When we say we need fight, well we're not fucking kidding.

We're reclaiming our lives by our teeth and our nails.

Broken, battered and bruised, but still pushing forward.

I can see a new world and it's growing this moment.
Track Name: Non-Linear Architecture
Golden hues and amber waves,
islands of sordid dark brown earth that cradle decomposing skin.

Life spent following fires,
which led to furrowed brows.

Jutting purple majesties, tearing holes in clouds.
Stretching expanses of pale blue,
never ending.

Life spent following fires,
which led to furrowed brows.
Track Name: Everything That Came After
Every life, every death,
drowned in scorn, so very hard to overcome.

Every day, every night,
a reminder of how far we've left to go.

We've been told who and how to love for far too long,
let every malicious word spoke, end in another Stonewall.

Love will be free,
whether or not we're forced to take it.
Track Name: Petrichor
Old growth cut clear,
her flesh, torn and bare.

Lives spent as subjects,
our roots unbound,
no longer sunk in soil.

In the dead of night,
a spark,
a light...

...these flames will dance high, tonight.

I must find severance from slaughter,
immolate a culture steeped in consumption.

I'll deny my place in oppression,
I must find some way out.

Our time is wasting,
our time is wasted.

Strike the match,
the blaze,
set them free.
Track Name: Hotchkiss
backwash these broken teeth.

Soil and blood under our feet,
these lives have been stolen.

This is me bearing witness,
to the things my eyes have not seen.

Amputate the butcher's hand,
set back this clock,
return to the land.

Degradation remains faceted in the lives of those,
who come from the ground.

This soil has been paid for in full,
with blood and toil.
Track Name: Spontaneity in Am
Washed away by the undertow of private interest,
can feel it wash and slip away our passions.

Impossible to return without insurrection,
we'll see this through to the very end.

If our rulers won't abdicate,
we'll do it for them.

Would you rather clamor to the top,
or create power from below?


All of this created by our hands,
are we afraid of ruins? (they'll ask)

Not in the least. (we'll answer)

Shatter the spectacle that's held us captive,
peel away the old forms and throw their husks to the fire.

Venganza ahora,
muerte o libertad.
Track Name: Todo Para Todos
Tear down the wall,
Free movement for all.

Capital can cross borders,
But humans can not?

Searching for more life.

Tear down the wall.