from by La Bella



how much more must we kneel to learn
in the way that our bodies burn
in the flames we found a respite
with our palms we work through the night
embers leap to birth joyous flames
intertwined they stake their old claim
communion in the haze filled street
deign to ask what is their peace?

left us arid
left us barren
stole our hunger
left the pangs

from our friends
we ask this
keep the names
burn the rest

we've chosen life over the
order of their past
built up the might
to bring to bear what's longed for
in our last breath we surround
blooming breaks the din
our feeble wrists push
through the ground

all our lore
all our myth
golden lies

sung in the comfort of our lives

hand in hand
calling out

the dead will guide us
to the spring


from Ides, released January 20, 2016




La Bella Los Angeles, California

los angeles d.i.y.
four of us.

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