Silver Spool

from by La Bella



count the times that we
woke up late and walked
the miles to the water's edge
spoke soft voices
left us useless
as they burned the rows
to build new Romes

revitalized and displaced
sanitized and erased

in the year that we licked
our wounds and we
stood in kitchens and
could not agree

sheared the branches
beckoned progress
stood in shade of last century

I'm an unknowing missionary
trading in gunpowder
for the dull roar of bulldozers
a quiet penchant for decimation
I guess it flows in the blood
as I walk my feet break ground
this skin can afford me place

the bleaching of histories
we're complicit in

torch their map of tomorrow
render unto them that
which is theirs

refuse the ease of this sorrow
render unto them that which is


from Ides, released January 20, 2016




La Bella Los Angeles, California

los angeles d.i.y.
four of us.

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