New Hymns

from by La Bella



the spectre of our past
looms heavy with the
guilt of impasse

wrench from it a witness
freed from the circle that
this dirge holds endless

we're left with blank pages
the words unwrote give
over us to perdition

the ocean refuses no river
but the ties that we make
may just as soon sever

history yearns to be forgotten
we can only promise to oblige it
history yearns to be forgotten
we can never promise to oblige it

we thieve our own time
from the hand to the mouth
our final words get crossed out

with new abandon
songs echo from throats
negate the past that they wrote

we're torn asunder
what was once is now gone
in all we held wrong

and now our hands bleed
golden words on our lips
belie the power of myth

sing the new hymns
and rend what's due unto them
sing the new hymns


from Ides, released January 20, 2016




La Bella Los Angeles, California

los angeles d.i.y.
four of us.

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