from by La Bella



we can find each other
using veins as maps
tributaries for our vexed bones
when our hopes collapse

can we find each other
in these small dark rooms?
screaming for new worlds
without lending hands

you'll know the feeling before
the final beat of your heart
the echo of a rhythm can fill
the void for only so long

and in this endless regress
we lock our fingers
scant bones for a new process
reclaim the joyous

all we've lost
all we have to gain
new poems on our lips
shatter old refrains
build to break
using our coarse throats
lift this song on high
to strike new blows

we can take what's ours
we can forge new bonds

"we are the birds of the
coming storm..."


from Ides, released January 20, 2016




La Bella Los Angeles, California

los angeles d.i.y.
four of us.

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